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We are a marketplace agency that specializes in e-commerce sales development and business scaling on the most popular shopping platforms across Europe. We operate with passion and professionalism, providing our clients with comprehensive support in achieving online success.

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We are more than just an e-commerce agency. We are a close-knit Team of e-commerce enthusiasts for whom your success is our goal. Each member of our team has unique skills and experience in the field of e-commerce. From insightful analysts who study the numbers to uncover hidden patterns; to PPC ad specialists who can take you to the top of the search engines with a single click; SEO experts who talk to search engine algorithms on "You"; to customer service masters - true word-of-mouth magicians who can turn even the most difficult situations into positive customer experiences.
We have everything, and everyone, to create e-commerce.

Przemyslaw Zurek


Chief Operating Officer

I started to build my experience in e-commerce sales more than 7 years ago, when I started working with Green Cell. There I developed online sales on Allegro and in my own stores. After time, we started expanding to other European platforms such as Amazon, eBay, eMAG, Kaufland, Cdiscount, etc.

Over the years, I developed my analytical skills, looking for trends and introducing more private label products. I learned how to handle and manage product sales, making them bestsellers in their sales categories on each marketplace.

To an advanced degree, I can configure and optimize PPC advertising campaigns. By analyzing and using the right keywords, I maximize profits and increase the position of products in Best Sellers Rank.

Wanting to show companies the potential that is ecommerce sales, together with two equally experienced colleagues we founded the marketplace agency Raise Your Sales. Our goal is to support companies looking to deploy their offerings on Europe’s largest sales platforms and to help them further develop their sales.

Wojciech Piszczek


Chief Executive Officer

I started my adventure in the online sales market more than 7 years ago in a company in the clothing industry, where I was mainly responsible for the development of sales on Allegro and the online store.

In 2015, I started working with the Green Cell brand and quickly became involved in the development of e-commerce sales in foreign markets. It was here that for more than 5 years I introduced private label products to overseas sales platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Kaufland, Emag and honed my e-commerce sales skills.

I have noticed that more and more companies are realizing the potential of foreign markets, but they don’t know quite how to go about it. That’s why I decided to set up Raise Your Sales, a marketplace agency. Together with my team, we help companies grow their sales on Amazon and Allegro, as well as other major marketplaces across Europe.

Michal Sablik


Chief Growth Officer

I started my adventure in the direct sales market back in 2009 working as a Dell computer hardware salesman in the MSHP network. In subsequent years, I had the pleasure of working in a similar capacity for Lenovo and Samsung.

I started working with the Green Cell brand in 2016, starting with a position in the customer service department where I was responsible for the comprehensive handling of online orders. After two years, I became involved in the development of eCommerce sales on both Polish and foreign platforms. For almost 4 years, I managed sales of GC brand products on such marketplaces as Amazon, Ebay, Kaufland, Emag, cDiscount, Darty, Fnac.

The next step was a position at Barel Poland. I was entrusted with the development of overseas sales of Motus and Kiano brand products on marketplace platforms.

Seeing the huge demand for supporting companies in overseas sales, I decided to join Raise Your Sales where I apply my knowledge and experience in developing private labels and selling on eCommerce platforms across Europe.


Konrad Wadowski

E-commerce Manager

I started my career in sales with retail sales for Adidas Poland, where over the course of almost 10 years I worked my way up from salesperson, to technology and sales trainer, to person in charge of claims documentation, to deputy store manager.

Already at that time I saw great potential in e-commerce sales and, wanting to be able to develop further, I started working with Mikesport, a company specializing in the sale of clothing and bicycle accessories, owner of the Kaymaq or Deko brands. I gained my first practical experience on Allegro, Amazon or eBay platforms.
The next big step was my decision to move to Green Cell specializing in the sale of electro-mobile products, where I spent almost 3 years. It allowed me to consolidate the knowledge I had already gained on the marketplaces I was familiar with, but I also learned about new ones like eMag, cDiscount, Rakuten and FNAC.

Why am I currently at Raise Your Sales? Because companies are increasingly looking for ideas to develop their brands and expand into foreign markets, where I can support them with my experience, and at the same time grow all the time looking for and overcoming new challenges.


Zofia Baranowska

Senior E-commerce Sales Specialist

I’m an experienced specialist in the field of business. marketplace support. Specializing in graphic design and having worked in this position for many years, every account I take care of is aesthetically pleasing and functional. I can attract the attention of target customers with technical knowledge and creativity.

I am currently in the final stage of my project management studies to further expand my skills in this area and holistically develop client sales. Up-to-date knowledge of marketing, numerous courses and e-commerce training make clients trust my skills.

I most enjoy working with Allegro, for which Amazon is the benchmark. Watching the development and trends of both platforms, it is easy for me to predict which way Allegro is heading, and this knowledge, always gives a competitive advantage to the sellers under my care.


Damian Ulko

E-commerce Manager

Passionate about the world of marketplace for many years associated with e-commerce.
My professional experience has allowed me to understand how important this area of our lives is.

Observing the development of technology and changing consumer preferences, I try to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

I love to use various e-commerce platforms as a consumer, as well as explore their functionalities and processes as a professional on a daily basis.
I specialize in the thriving Allegro and eMag platforms, which are examples of highly successful and popular online marketplaces.
I am a computer scientist by training, and privately I am also interested in programming, soccer, travel and economics.


Marta Piszczek

Administration and Billing Specialist

I have been involved in the trade industry since 2018. Working in multi-branch stores gave me the opportunity to gain experience in managing transactions and finances, as well as documenting the cash operations carried out. I learned to monitor the current market and build lasting relationships with companies and customers.

At Raise Your Sales I am developing professionally; I am involved in administration, invoicing and recruitment. I am responsible for controlling the company’s budget, handling correspondence and resolving current issues.

In my spare time, I am passionate about floristry of live flowers and plants.


Aneta Starmach

Senior E-commerce Sales Specialist

I am a marketing and e-commerce industry enthusiast.
I have been dealing with marketplace platforms for more than 4 years. I specialize in handling
Amazon’s platform, and especially in creating effective ads on the platform. During
of my career path I also had to deal with Allegro – there I had the opportunity to scale
sales for private label.

At Raise Your Sales, he handles complex customer accounts. I appreciate the fact that I have
a unique opportunity to learn new things. Operating in Amazon’s service area on a daily basis
I encounter new challenges and tasks that allow me to expand my skills.
I see room for both professional and personal development here, which makes my
The work is rewarding and inspiring.

I am a Logistics Engineer by training. Outside of work, I enjoy doing yoga. It’s not just
way to keep fit, but also a tool to achieve balance and
Peace of mind in daily life. I am also interested in psychology, which allows me to better
Understand people and their behavior.


Karol Sokolowski

E-commerce Sales Specialist

I started my adventure in e-commerce sales in 2019 as an e-commerce specialist. Operation of an online store in the bathroom fittings industry. This position has enabled me to develop my analytical and communication skills through complex order processing and private label product management.

During my several years of work, I gained extensive experience in operating the Allegro platform, where I was responsible for participating in promotional campaigns, updating and optimizing search listings.

The e-commerce market impressed me with its ability to reach customers around the world. By creating new solutions, improving processes and providing valuable products and services to customers.

At Raise Your Sales, I provide support and service for the platforms t.i.e. Allegro, Amazon and eMag. Here I discovered a huge space to develop and improve my skills. Thanks to our global reach, we are able to expand our clients’ brands, broaden our marketing strategy and open new sales channels to specific foreign markets.

I am a Logistics Engineer by education, and my hobbies are soccer, history and gardening.


Edyta Tolczyzewska

E-commerce Sales Specialist

Passionate about the world of marketplace for many years associated with e-commerce.
My professional experience has allowed me to understand how important this area of our lives is.

Observing the development of technology and changing consumer preferences, I try to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

I love to use different e-commerce platforms as a consumer, and to explore their functionalities and processes as a professional on a daily basis.
I specialize in the thriving Allegro and eMag platforms, which are examples of highly successful and popular online marketplaces.
I am a computer scientist by training, and privately I am also interested in programming, soccer, travel and economics.


Piotr Krzysztofowicz

Junior E-commerce Sales Specialist

I have only been working in the world of e-commerce sales and marketplace for a short time, however, the short time I have spent implementing myself in this subject has made me realize the vast opportunities and advantages that come from entering new sales markets. E-commerce marketplaces are the future of today’s commerce offering even unlimited opportunities to advertise their products and services which allows for growth that could not be afforded before.

At Raise Your Sales, I support the operation of Allegro, Amazon and eMag platforms. It is a company that meets my developmental expectations and allows me to deepen my skills in the field I am interested in. I welcome the opportunity to work with the experienced team of the e-commerce world and with a wide range of diverse clients.

I am a printmaker by training, and my hobbies include the gym, computer games and modeling.


Magdalena Juraszek

Senior E-commerce Sales Specialist

I am passionate about e-commerce and marketplace platforms, having been active in the industry since 2016. My particular interest is towards Amazon, which fascinates me with its potential and possibilities. I am convinced that e-commerce is the future of commerce, so I am always trying to keep up to date with new technologies and trends that are emerging in this rapidly changing environment. It is the development and use of modern solutions that make my work in e-commerce extremely rewarding.

I believe that the appearance of offers and the creation of a brand image is the key to success on marketplace platforms. Therefore, I always do my best to ensure that my actions are in line with current trends and customer expectations.

I am a person full of positive energy who appreciates contact with people and the exchange of experiences. It is this openness and willingness to establish good relationships that helps me to build bonds with my clients. Outside of work, I love travelling, which allows me to broaden my horizons and seek new inspiration.


Marcin Truch

E-commerce Sales Specialist

I have been involved in the e-commerce industry for more than 5 years. I started as a specialist in the field. customer service. Over time, I spent more and more time developing sales on the online store and marketplaces.

Currently, I have the most experience in handling Allegro and eBay accounts. At the same time, I am constantly increasing my knowledge of how to use the Amazon platform. I pay the most attention to the “user experience” so a valuable description and photos are, in my opinion, the basics of a good offer. I also follow the e-commerce market in Poland with interest, especially in terms of customer loyalty to given sales platforms.

Privately, I am passionate about automobiles. I have a strong interest in soccer, that of Poland and abroad. Recently, an old hobby-LEGO bricks-has also been revived, thanks to his son.


Wojciech Smulski

Junior E-commerce Sales Specialist

My professional experience to date has been in indirect purchasing and fleet management. I have recently started my adventure with Raise Your Sales and I am currently implementing the management of customer accounts on the Allegro marketplace. I am responsible for managing accounts, implementing new products and running advertising campaigns.

Privately, I am very keen on cycling, computer games and modelling. I am passionate about Formula 1.

Anna Wierzgacz

Anna Wierzgacz

E-commerce Sales Specialist

My passion is e-commerce. I am a creative person, I have a passion for innovation and a desire to continuously improve in my work.

By education, I am a graduate in English philology. I have been involved in the e-commerce industry since 2018. My professional experience

I gained mainly on the eBay platform. I was also in charge of handling an online shop built on the Magento platform.

I made every effort to ensure that the listings I created were aesthetically pleasing and compliant with keyword selection.

My main task was comprehensive customer service for the UK market, creating marketing campaigns and unique product descriptions and titles.

When taking specific sales actions, I always tried to learn from them and translated the experience gained into actions to optimise the offers.

At Raise Your Sales, I support the operation of platforms such as Allegro, eBay and Amazon.

The online sales industry is developing very dynamically, with new trends emerging all the time. In my opinion, in order to be successful, it is necessary to stand out from the competition and skilfully respond to customers’ needs and problems.

In my free time, I very much enjoy travelling. Visiting the world gives me the opportunity to discover new flavours, cultures, customs and broaden my horizons.


Michal Dubicki

E-commerce Sales Specialist

My role at our agency is as an e-commerce specialist. I have several years of experience in the industry, specialising mainly in implementations on marketplace platforms and determining the direction a business should take in a given market.

In my work, I place a strong emphasis on data analysis and the effective use of marketing tools to increase visibility and brand recognition. I strongly believe that successful marketing is based on solid data and sound analysis. I strive to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and hone my skills to ensure the best possible results for our clients.


Iwona Tomaszewska

Junior E-commerce Sales Specialist

After graduating with a degree in English in 2019, I became interested in the field of e-commerce when choosing my master’s degree. During my studies, I decided to enter this world “behind the scenes” and for more than three years I gained experience on the Amazon platform in the FBA area. I have recently joined Raise Your Sales to expand my knowledge and support the Amazon platform. Privately, I am an artistic soul, my main interests are learning languages (especially Romance languages), cooking, baking sweets, being active, graphic design and music, plus I have a bit of interest in F1.

What do our customers say about us ?

A business efficient company with a lot of experience, plus a positive attitude. I highly recommend.

Bernard Bocian
Director of Sales at Meester Group

Cooperation with Raise Your Sales is developing in a very good direction. Contact, knowledge, reliability – at a high level. The men know their stuff. We look forward to a long-term relationship and continued growth. For those who are undecided, an emphatic YES, it’s worth it 🙂

Arkadiusz Wierzbinski
Owner at Family Furniture

A very, good, reliable company. They know their stuff and it’s really worth using their services. Adding products, advertising, everything so professionally that a person is not able to do it himself.

Jakub Dluzinski
Owner in Zatechs

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