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Properly running Amazon PPC campaigns is the key to significantly increasing sales on Amazon. Start selling successfully with us on this platform !
We’ll help you set an advertising budget, select products for your campaign, and choose the right keywords to position for. We will set appropriate advertising rates and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis.

What can we do for you ?

Sales strategy

We will check what potential your organization has, and then choose the right promotion strategy tailored to your product portfolio.

Establish the budget and goal of the campaign

We will help you set the right advertising budget and together set the goals of the newly created advertising campaigns.

Keyword selection

We will comprehensively and efficiently find the keywords for which you want to position yourself and build a relevant position in the search results.

PPC campaign implementation

Based on our experience, we create advertising campaigns to maximize its effects and minimize your costs.

Campaign Optimization

We make sure to monitor and optimize campaign parameters on an ongoing basis. By analyzing its behavior, we take the next steps to improve the performance of ads.

Activity reporting

Once a month, we send you a report that gives you all the details of the campaign that is running, as well as the actions performed and plans to optimize your ads in the coming months.

Find out what opportunities are in your company !

You already advertise on Amazon and want to learn what to improve in your current campaigns to increase sales of your products?

Or maybe you are just thinking about implementing an advertising campaign and you would like to learn how to approach this topic well ?

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