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We help companies develop e-commerce online sales and scale their business by providing professional sales support on Amazon throughout Europe. It doesn't matter whether you're just looking to start selling products on this platform or you've already been doing it for a while - we raise sales at every stage of your business development on Amazon!

Is Amazon the right Marketplace for me?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce sales platform. It allows you to reach buyers from all over the world directly. Therefore, in most cases, expansion into this marketplace should be our first choice.

By taking advantage of our free consultation, you are assured that the most suitable path will be chosen for you. We always take an honest approach to researching your needs and are honest about the sales potential of a solution and the risks involved. Our experts will select those markets where your products have the greatest potential and where we will be able to generate an adequate return on investment for you the fastest.

Find out what opportunities are in your company !

Are you thinking about starting to sell on Amazon and want to know if the products you offer are suitable for sale on this platform?

Are you already selling on Amazon and want to know what to improve in your listing to increase sales of your products?

Or maybe you manage a sales team in a larger company and are wondering if this Marketplace will be the best fit for you?

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Comprehensive Amazon Account Maintenance - Start of Sales

When starting to sell on Amazon, we need to know that it has completely different characteristics from the well-known Polish Allegro. On this platform, the number of reviews of a given product is very important, but also the proper promotion of listings through PPC ads and the selection of optimal keywords.

Amazon also has a strong focus on customer satisfaction with their purchases. Therefore, every message should be responded to efficiently and any disputes with buyers should be resolved in real time.

Selling on foreign Marketplace should be approached very professionally with proper preparation. Quite a few sellers have problems with accounting, legal issues or logistics, so you need to take care of these areas before entering this marketplace.

What can we do for you ?

Sales strategy

We will check what potential your organization has, and then choose the right sales strategy tailored to your product portfolio.


We will help you with the registration and configuration of your account on Amazon to properly prepare it for sale.

Implementation of the offer on amazon

We will comprehensively and efficiently list your products on Amazon and ensure proper positioning in search results. We will constantly introduce new items to the offer.


We create, configure and optimize advertising campaigns to maximize results and minimize your costs.

SEO optimization

We take care of proper positioning of products, create titles and A+Content descriptions in accordance with the art of SEO. We post content tailored to Amazon's requirements.

unlock amazon account

We help with a blocked account - We identify the cause of the blockage, create a remediation plan, and hold discussions to unblock the account, working closely with Amazon.


We monitor all indicators to prevent sales accounts from being blocked. We continuously update the listing with new products, optimize existing listings and help with account administration.


We will register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry program to build brand recognition and protect your trademark.


We fully support sales in the Amazon FBA program. We schedule deliveries and ensure the constant availability of products.


We will also take over customer service from you on Amazon. We will be responsible for writing back all messages received from customers and resolving complaints or returns.


We also launch additional forms of promotion in the form of Amazon Lightning deals or coupons, and take an active part in promotional campaigns, such as. Black Friday, Cyber Monday.


Our experienced translators will take care of the highest quality translations into German, English, Italian or French so that your listings are 100% correct.

Maintaining an Account on Amazon - what does it involve?

If, after the audit, it is Amazon that has proven to be the right place to sell your product category, then the next step is to determine the scope of our cooperation. There are 3 sales models to choose from:

  • Standard Amazon account maintenance – in this model, we take care of your Amazon account holistically. We implement your product listing, optimize product titles and descriptions, select keywords, and ensure the visibility of your listings through SEO efforts. We also run Amazon PPC advertising campaigns. In this model, however, we do not provide email and telephone customer service, so this area will be left to you.
  • Full Amazon account support – in addition to the standard sales and implementation activities listed above, we additionally handle full support for your customers. We respond to all messages from customers, resolve complaint disputes and handle returns. We provide comprehensive assistance in selling on Amazon.
  • Additional support for your Amazon account – we can also offer: training on how to sell products on amazon, assistance with your Amazon PPC advertising account, auditing your existing activities on Amazon and suggesting appropriate solutions, and consulting to support your sales on Amazon.

Handling sales on Amazon
- what does the beginning of cooperation look like?

At the beginning, we get access to your account on Amazon through a secure permission management service – User Permissions – and proceed to develop a sales strategy and create a work schedule. During the first week, we properly configure your seller account and verify that it meets all the requirements for selling on Amazon FBA, such as. VAT-OSS, VAT-DE, LUCID, etc.

We then go on to comprehensively implement your listing with available product variants and ensure that the listings are properly visible. During the implementation work, you also get a contact for the account manager who coordinates the work and conducts marketing activities. Implementation usually takes a month-two, all depending on the number of products, the number of markets and the scope of activities.

Throwing in an entire product offering is really just the beginning of the sales effort. Maintaining an account on Amazon requires us to work constantly. After a successful implementation, we begin to focus much more strongly on the proper promotion of products through paid Amazon PPC ads and ensure that they climb up in the organic search results.

Every month we meet to present our sales results and what we have accomplished in recent weeks. Together we set the goal for the next month, plan the most relevant work for the following weeks and analyze the actions of the competition.

Handling sales on Amazon - why should you work with us?

E-commerce sales experts

In one place, you have access to online sales experts on the largest marketplaces across Europe, such as Amazon, Allegro, Emag, Ebay and Kaufland, who can help you assess your potential in foreign markets and plan further expansion.

Good contact

We are characterized by fast response time to your inquiries. When you call us, you are assured that the phone will be answered by a person who deals with your account on a daily basis, knows exactly what is going on with it, knows the specifics of your business, and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

We know how to sell on Amazon

We know the specifics of selling on Amazon and the conditions for entering foreign markets. During the cooperation, we give you all the knowledge so that everything is done in accordance with the law. We will take care of the topics of waste segregation (LUCID), tax issues, issues related to the sale of electronics, etc.

You gain A new source of revenue

Our service pays for itself quickly, so you gain a new source of revenue and become much more resilient to any market shocks. For the price of your subscription , you have access to an online sales expert on Amazon, and for less than one employee.

We take care of inventory

We know ways to liquidate non-rotating products through various promotional campaigns. It also analyzes their inventory on an ongoing basis, and we respond quickly when there is a high potential for a product and when there is a real inventory problem.

You save time

You avoid misguided decisions and save your time by delegating some of your responsibilities to us. You can devote the recovered time to further developing your business. We can help you operate your account on Amazon in both FBA, FBM and Vendor models .

100 Mln+
sales generated
7 Lat+
100 %
sales growth guarantee

Amazon Raise Your Sales agency - what are the costs of cooperation?

Our portfolio of companies includes large distributors and established brands, as well as small family-owned manufacturing companies that run their manufactures and are just beginning their online sales.

We always select the scope of our assistance in such a way that our solutions are profitable even for small and medium-sized companies.

Trading on Amazon's platform
- What are the costs of working with Amazon?

A professional subscription on Amazon costs about £170 per month. Add to this the cost of commission, which depends on the category and averages 18% per product sold.

In the beginning, an investment in Amazon PPC ads is necessary to spur sales. The budget depends primarily on the number of products introduced and sales plans, and we set it together at the beginning of the cooperation. This is the key to significant sales growth, so we periodically examine the cost of acquiring a customer from a given campaign and raise budgets if we see a satisfactory return on investment.

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A business efficient company with a lot of experience, plus a positive attitude. I highly recommend.

Bernard Bocian
Director of Sales at Meester Group

Cooperation with Raise Your Sales is developing in a very good direction. Contact, knowledge, reliability – at a high level. The men know their stuff. We look forward to a long-term relationship and continued growth. For those who are undecided, an emphatic YES, it’s worth it 🙂

Arkadiusz Wierzbinski
Owner at Family Furniture

A very, good, reliable company. They know their stuff and it’s really worth using their services. Adding products, advertising, everything so professionally that a person is not able to do it himself.

Jakub Dluzinski
Owner in Zatechs

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