Kaufland account audit

Professional Kaufland auction and account audit

A Kaufland account audit is the best option to find out all the reasons limiting your sales. We take your sales account apart and then point out the areas you should improve to increase your sales.

We verify auction titles and suggest new keywords. We analyze your existing marketing efforts and advise on ADS or promotional campaigns. We also study the attractiveness of offers and analyze the actions of competitors.

components of an audit

verification of the quality and attractiveness of offers

check auction titles

suggestions for new keywords

Analysis of ongoing advertising campaigns

Evaluation of added variants and ongoing promotional activities.

Competitor analysis

Checking the compliance of the auction with the regulations

Thumbnail and product gallery analysis

and much more...

Find out what opportunities are in your company !

You are already selling on Kaufland and want to know what to improve on offer to increase sales of your products?

Or maybe you are just thinking about starting to sell on Kaufland and want to find out if the products you offer are suitable for sale on this platform?

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